About Terumi Shirakawa
Representative of Full Dining

I'm Terumi, a foodie and also a professional worldwide home-cooking dish researcher and instructor based in Japan since 2008. I run Full Dining Cooking Classes to introduce worldwide home-cooking in Osaka. Over the past decades, I've had the chance to visit many countries for my research, and to receive genuine hospitality in each country I've visited. I feel that now it's my turn to give my hospitality. So here I am—I've launched my Japanese home cooking classes for visitors with English instruction. For my cooking workshop, I would like to to share my family recipes to make typical Japanese dishes.  For my tea ceremony tour, I'll explain deep cultural roots behind tea, and how to serve a bowl of matcha in a basic manner of tea ceremony.  For my walk tour in Osaka station area, I'll take you to my favorite places, and introduce some restaurants I can recommend.  For my cycle tour, various experiences are all in packed, and show you Japanese garden or tower of the sun, and take you to see or buy folk crafts across the nation to Expo 70's mingei shop I highly recommend if you are really interested in folk crafts.