<Sweet Making &Tea Ceremoney on tatami>  

Tea room



Tea Room


Japanese garden


We have chairs for tatami, so don't worry If you can not get down on your knees.


Treat making



Experience the art of Japanese sweets with nerikiri dough made of mochiko and white kidney bean paste.



Nerikiri is main sweets served in tea ceremony.  Generally we get a sense of the season in tea ceremony.  The above picture shows April flower motif, Sakura.  





  The above pictures shows May flower Motif, Japanese Iris served with Kyoto's traditional dry confectionery.  

Tea ceremony



  Terumi will explain about tea ceremony such as the history,
how to greet or move in a tea room.         


First she will serve a bowl of matcha to each guest,
she will tell you how to whisk matcha.  



Next please try making another bowl of matcha  by yourself using tea utensils with Terumi's instruction.  


Other details

  • 【Meeting Location】 We will meet at JR Ibaraki station (15 min from JR Osaka station, and 20 min from JR Kyoto station)
  • The tea room is 7 min on foot from JR Ibaraki station.
  • 【Duration】 2 hours
  • 【The number of participants who can book at a time】 
  •   2 - 10 people  
  • 【Price】 4,500 yen
  • 【Guest Requirements】 Minimum age: 8 years old
  • ※ Children aged 12 or under must participate with their parent
  • or legal guardian.
  • ※ Parent or legal guardian can bring a child under the above minimum age
  • 【What I’ll provide】  A 2 hour hands–on class, all ingredients of Japanese sweet "nerikiri", matcha green tea, a recipe package of nerikiri dough from scratch and "how to drink matcha" to take home. All equipments for sweet making and tea ceremony.    
  • 【Languages】 Japanese, English
  • 【Dead line】One day before the workshop date
  • 【Cancellation Policy】
  •   Full Refund Up To 2 Days Prior
  •   From 1 day prior to your scheduled workshop time・・・100%      (no show included)
  • Seating is limited!!

   How to book your lesson? 
Please click the "BOOK NOW" button, select your preferred date,
and fill up the form.
via Airbnb 
In case of Direct Booking,
  • STEP1  
  • Please click the above [BOOK NOW] button, select
  • your preferred date, and fill up the  form. 


  • STEP2
  • You will receive an automatical e-mail from "info@urakata.in"
  • titled "Full Dining  confirmation of Reservation".


  • STEP3
  • Full Dining will send out an email reminder with info
  • during the during the week before the workshop.   

For more information about Terumi, please click [About ]  

For more information about others, please click [Contact] 



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