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  < Nishiki Market tour & JP Umami Dishes in Kyoto> 

Let’s meet in front of Kyoto Apple Store.
Duration: 4.5 hours
We will go for about 40 min walking Nishiki market tour, and then go for 3.5 hour hands-on Japanese home style cooking class (cooking studio is 5 min away from Nishiki market).
Cook with Terumi who started cooking Japanese original ZEN dishes with her grandma, mother, sister, and cousins from her early age. First of all, she will show you how to prepare the perfect sesame tofu which is known as the best hospitality dish for Zen temple. We will explore the implements, and she will explain how each is used for. Next we will prepare Japanese fundamental stock for authentic Japanese food. With the stock, we’ll make savory clear soup, citrus dressing salad, simmered food with the fresh ingredients available on the scheduled date. For your dessert, let’s mold soft dough into seasonable flower which can be eaten with a bowl of matcha.
If you are not vegetarian, let's cook teriyaki chicken, or teriyaki fish. If you are vegetarian, we will replace it with Shiraae dish, vegetables with tofu sauce.
【What you'll make】 
Sesame seed tofu from scratch
Yuba dish
Citrus dressing salad with sweeten fried tofu
Clear Soup
Japanese Tea Rice
Simmered Frozen Tofu
Namafu Dengaku (Toasted namafu)
Teriyaki Chicken, Teriyaki fish or Shiraae (vegetables with tofu sauce)
Japanese Traditional Treat
※ Additional small dishes are served with the above dishes. 

After eating a complete meal, please enjoy the treat you make with a bowl of matcha green tea.  
  •   Vegan, Vegetarian and Muslim options available!
  •   If you are allergy to any food, or need dietetic food, please let me know in advance. I'll try to meet your requirements.
  • 【Meeting Location】
  • In front of Kyoto Apple Store.  

    83-1 Shijodori Takakura Higashiiru Tachiuri Nakanocho, Shimogyo, Kyoto 600-8006

  • 【Duration】 About 4.5 hours
  • 【The number of participants who can book at a time】

     2 - 5 people 

  • 【Price】 8,800 yen
  • 【Guest Requirements】 Minimum age: 12 years old
  •   ※ Children aged 12 or under must participate with their parent or   legal guardian.
  •   ※ Parent or legal guardian can bring a child under the above   minimum age
  • 【What I’ll provide】 40 min Nishiki Market tour.  A 3.5 hour hands–on class, ingredients for a full meal, and a recipe package to take home. Use our apron as you wish.
  • 【Languages】 English
  • 【Cancellation Policy】Full Refund Up To 2 Days Prior
  •  From 1 day prior to your scheduled workshop time・・・100%    
  •  (no show included)
  •  Seating is limited!! 

    How to book your tour? 

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